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Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Here at Glendale AZ Carpet Cleaning Pros, we receive a lot of calls from people just wanting to know what they can use at home to get spills and stains out of their carpets.

The best advise that you will ever receive is us telling you that the best way to clean any stain or spot in your home is by NOT using anything that that is typically bought at the store for cleaning so, your Woolite, Resolve and etc., are not the best ideas. These products have very harsh chemicals and optical brighteners that can cause more damage to your carpet. The products only work temporarily and after it dries the problem is still there.

Making sure that any product that you buy has the CRI, which is the seal of approval for these type of products, will ensure that the product isnt too harsh for your carpet. If these products are not readily available to you then you can always use these home remedies.

Plain Water- You be shocked to learn that plain water can sometimes do the trick much better than anything you can buy at the store.

Detergent- If you mix ΒΌ of a clear non-lanolin and non-bleach dishwashing liquid with a cup of warm water, this will create a carpet cleaning solution. Using a laundry detergent is a no, no because it is way too harsh for your carpet.

White Vinegar- White vinegar seems to be the cure for most cleaning situations and rugs are no exception. Mix one cup of white vinegar (not apple cider or red wine vinegar), with one cup of water and this is good for breaking down vegetable dyes that are found in most coffee, teas because white vinegar is composed of 5% acetic acid. You wont have to worry about residue, but be very careful because the acids may set a different type of dye stain.

Ice- I know! I know youre thinking, ice really? Yes, ice! Anyone that has children has usually had that moment when you discover that gum is stuck in your carpet and you just want to simplify your life and grab some scissors to cut it out. Well, good news is, you can put some ice in a bag and hold it on the gum, wait for the gum to get hard and break it away. Of course, its not that simple, but it beats cutting your rug and hey, it really does work.

If you have a stain that you just dont want to hassle with then give Glendale AZ carpet cleaning a call at (602)730-9500 and our technicians will take care of the job for you.

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