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Excellent Autumn Colour Shrubs For Your Garden

Admittedly, summer is a great time for watching your garden flowers and foliage bloom, but there are plenty of autumn color shrubs that you can plant in your plot to give you that much-needed respite from the typical brown fall landscape. It is worth considering growing these shrubs in your garden. You can depend on them to produce the most vibrant colors which is why they are frequently icorporated in cottage garden designs.

Rhus Typhina. This shrub is known for its distinctive shape, but what really makes one stand up and take notice of rhus typhina is when it goes through the process of changing its foliage. Come autumn, the leaves of this interesting garden shrub first turn golden, then become flame-red in color, before falling onto the ground.

Smokebush. The tiny yellow flowers of the smokebush plant are the reason behind its name. Over time, their colors fade then grow pink, hairy stalks. This gives the appearance of a pinkish-tan smoke surrounding the shrub. The flowers turn yellow again by the time autumn arrives.

Witch Hazel. Witch hazel is your best bet for autumn color if you are after a shrubs flowers and fragrance as well. This native plants leaves give off a yellow glow as they turn in the early stage of the autumn season. What is remarkable about the witch hazel shrub is that way after its leaves have dropped off, its flowers remain on its branches.

Fothergill. With its leaves bearing the colors red and orange (occasionally tinted with purple), the fothergill is another good shrub for autumn color to choose. Consider adding this shrub to your garden to make the latter come alive even as the rest of your plants start to fade away.

Pomegranate. The pomegranate plant bears ball-shaped fruits that look like Christmas tree ornaments, making it a great candidate for your autumn color shrubs. You can choose between one variety that produces double flowers, and another type that bears fruit-forming single flowers (both kinds of flowers are orange-red in color).

Red-Twig Dogwood. The red-twig dogwoods colored stem alone, which stands out once its leaves fall off, makes it a good autumn color shrub to begin with, but you can also enjoy other varieties that bear brilliant red leaves and stems, white flowers or red-purple fruits.

Redbud. Contrary to this shrubs name, the redbud produces vibrant pinkish-purple flowers in the spring, after which it bears yellow leaves shaped like hearts. Plant rosebud in your garden so that you can take advantage of the way its contrasting colors look interesting beside your green plants.

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