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How to Clean Your Bedroom to make it a calming haven

After a hectic day, the last thing you want to do is to house cleaning . And when it comes to cleaning your bedroom it can be quite tedious since we use our bedrooms for so many things. We eat, sleep and relax and leave the room messy which is not a pleasant sight at the end of a day when you want to slip back into an unruffled pillow. Whats more, bedrooms that have not been cleaned regularly can have allergens that could possible get you sick. Below are some simple tips on how to deep clean your bedroom in a few hours. So turn on your favorite music and work your way through it. Heres how:

Tidy up your bed

Generally the bed is the most cluttered space in a bedroom. Remove all the myriad things that dont belong to the bed everything except the bed sheet, pillows and blankets. If the bed sheet has not been washed for days, now is the time to give it a wash and put a fresh one. Drag out everything under the bed and put them in their right places. Remove all the garbage from under the bed and dump them into the dustbin.

Assemble the laundry

After a clean bed, the next thing is to deal with the laundry. Look for any dirty clothes from around the room and divide them into two parts one according to the usage and the other according to the color. Next take a look around your bedroom and see if there are dresses you no longer use. You can get rid of them by either donating them or putting them away.

Wipe the dressers and tabletops

Take out all the items from the dressers and tabletops onto the floor. Take a clean piece of wet cloth and give a nice wipe to the dressers and tabletops with some cleaning liquid. After the cleaning is done, clean each item and put the items back in their places.

Organize the shelves and cabinets

Again take out everything out of your shelves. Wipe the inside of your shelves and cabinets. Organize the items and also get rid of the stuffs you no longer use. Put them back in their place.

Clean the computer

Generally you spend most of your waking hours in the computer desk. Put away the headphones, speakers, cameras and any such accessories in their right places. Clean up the area to remove dust and dirt. Once the clutter is cleared, getting rid of the dust in the room is the next big milestone. Take a damp piece of cloth and mild soap or cleaning spray and start with the furniture first. Scrub the furniture if required and after a thorough cleanup, spray some air freshener to give your bedroom a pleasing smell.

If you want your bedroom to be a calm and peaceful haven, you should not only keep it tidy but you must clean it as well. Include the cleaning process into your household cleaning schedule. Weekly vacuuming and dusting is a must to get a good night sleep. Pay particular attention to windows and baseboards as these areas tend to accumulate dust too often. If your bedroom contains television or computer or any electronic items, remember to clean those weekly as electronic equipments attracts dust. Also, remember to wash windows seasonally and clean the window fittings to get rid of dust and dirt. Clear the bedroom floor of any books, clothes, shoes or papers that tend to clutter up your walking space and determine where it goes. You should be able to vacuum or clean the floor easily without spending time on unnecessary items.

Once you are done cleaning up your bedroom, you can now truly enjoy this sweet oasis! As they say, clean bedroom makes for happy homes and give you a good nights sleep.

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