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Outdoor Plumbing

The majority of articles that are written about plumbing are usually pertaining to the inside plumbing and not the outside. Outdoor plumbing is just as important as your indoor plumbing and should be taken care of as well. If there are external damages it can not only cause more deterioration of your building but also cause your money to deteriorate as well. This is just a little checklist that allow you to keep the outside of your home looking just as good as the inside.

Sprinklers are important to your outside plumbing. If your sprinklers are broken and not repaired they cause your buildings foundation to weaken. Water sprinklers keep your grass growing and green, keeps your flowers budding and causes your lawns to be the envy of your neighborhood. If your flowers and grass are watered properly, your lawns will continue to flourish and add to the overall beauty of your home. Any damage that happens to your sprinklers can lead to your lawns being over watered and flooded. This can cause the roots of your flowers, trees and plants to die and become uprooted. If this happens your sprinklers should be turned off and fixed as soon as possible so that no other damage can occur. It is a good idea to have your sprinklers checked every now and then to avoid any damage that might occur otherwise.

Faucets have taps that are outside of most homes that many people use if they dont have sprinklers, they use this for washing their cars and for when children want to fill up pools or get wet in the summer months. It is important for you to check on your faucets and make sure that they are maintained and not leaking. A leaking faucet outside can cause water to leak into your walls or floors and lead to a huge water bill and not to mention the waste of water.

Exposed pipes are the pipes on the outside however, pipes that are hidden in the walls should be checked from time to time just to maintain your home. Of course it is easier to check your exposed pipes for any cracks, leaks or cuts and if anything is found then it can be fixed before it becomes an emergency. Leave the pipes that are inside the wall to be checked by a professional.

Gutters and open spouts should be cleaned and checked at least twice a year to make sure that nothing is stuck and will cause an overflow if water or a buildup of some sort. Cleaning them of dirt, debris, leaves and twigs should be done as often as needed.

Sewer and septic systems have everything to do with waste and the last thing that you would ever want to not function properly. The septic tank should be cleaned often as you think is needed to avoid any harmful chemical and gasses from releasing into your home. The sewer line that runs out of your home should be cleaned to avoid choking and backflow.

Water hoses that are cracked and dripping water waste a lot of water and causes your water bill to rise. Your water hoses should be checked to keep them working properly and to preserve them for the future. A hose that is healthy and that has a healthy bib can keep your lawn in the best condition without extra water leaking out when youre done and causing over watering in the soil.

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