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Professional Carpet Cleaners Can Prevent Your Carpets From Shrinking

It is interesting to know whether or not your carpet would shrink after it has been cleaned. That is because your expensive carpet will probably be useless when it shrinks. You want your carpet cleaned for several reasons: visual aspect, decorating a room, or sanitation. It is just a practical thing to do, but misfortunes could happen. Carpet cleaners have seen a lot of shrunken carpets. Sadly, there have been instances when the homeowner can no longer contact the cleaning company that performed the cleaning, which is not good. This situation is stressful and can make you angry and worried all at the same time. If you want to avoid that experience, you need to know what causes a carpet to shrink.

Types of Carpets That Can Shrink

In general, these are the types of carpet that could possibly shrink. They are Axminster and Wilton carpets.

1. Axminster

A genuine Axminster style carpet has a wool face fibre, which is the part that is being walked on. It also has a jute backing yarn, which is the woven part at the back of the carpet that interweaves with the wool face fibre. This type of carpet is really a bit hard to shrink, but when the jute yarn gets wet because of poor cleaning, the back can shrink.

2. Wilton

Carpet cleaners call the type of Wilton that can shrink as Belgian Wiltons. Generally, a lot of Wiltons are made from a polypropylene face fibre that has a jute backing like Axminster carpet (this is not like a superior quality Wilton, which is made from wool). However, since the polypropylene could not keep hold of barely any moisture, it goes directly underneath the pile and into the backing, which makes the carpet shrink.

To find out if your carpet is a Belgian Wilton, you can peel its back and check the pattern. A Belgian Wilton is visible on the back and has a duplicated pattern identical to the face pile. This is not absolutely certain as the carpet may not be made of a polypropylene pile fibre. However, if you have this, ask the carpet cleaners to check it before cleaning.

Why Do these Carpets Shrink?

The main reason why these carpets shrink is because of poor cleaning. The carpet cleaner may have used poor techniques or underpowered tools. For instance, if the cleaning machine is small and inexpensive, it could not take out enough water from the carpet, which may cause it to shrink. Carpet cleaners may use bad techniques such as putting on excessive amounts of pre-spray cleaning solutions, not providing good ventilation right after cleaning, and leaving the carpet too wet. When the carpet is too wet, this can be a result of very high water pressure, using too much water while rinsing, low-quality cleaning agents that need multiple sprays to achieve complete dirt removal, and low vacuum power.

How to Avoid Carpets to Shrink

You can still clean a Belgian Wilton or Axminster style carpet, but you have to do it safely. However, you could have a problem if you do not have the proper knowledge on how to clean your carpet without shrinking. There are professionals from cleaning companies who can help you with that. Carpet cleaners have trained extensively regarding these issues, which means they are reliable. They only use the most powerful equipment to make sure your carpet is safe. Remember that if a carpet cleaner from a professional cleaning company is not sure whether a carpet would shrink or not, they would check first to determine that they can clean it. If they think that it will shrink, then they can leave it as is or use a low-moisture way of cleaning.

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