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Steps On How To Clean Shower Drain Parts

There are a lot of drains around your house that do all types of functions. There are washing machine drains where the hose from the appliance drains the wash water, kitchen drains that get rid of food prep and dishwashing water, and of course the sink and shower drains in your bathrooms. Out of all those, the hardest one to keep clean is your shower drain. Here are some steps on how to clean shower drain parts.

Your shower drain is composed of three main parts; these are the grate (screen), the drain opening and the drain pipe. It is essential that all three of these be cleaned on a routine basis and that this is done properly to ensure they do not back up or get completely clogged; not being able to use your shower is a huge inconvenience to say the least.

How to Clean Shower Drain Grates

Your shower drain grates and screens are there in place to keep large particles from getting into the other areas of the drain. Here is the procedure on how to clean shower drain grates.

The first step is to look at the grate while it is still in place and clean off any visible debris that is resting on top of it.

The next thing to do is to take off the grate or screen completely by removing the 2 or 3 screws that hold it in place. Once that is done be sure to clean anything off the grate that is wedged between the openings and any hair that has wrapped itself around the grate fitting.

How to Clean Shower Drain Openings

While the drain grate is off it is a good time to check the drain opening.

Shine a flashlight into the drain opening and visibly inspect it to make sure that it is free from hair clogs or other solid debris being built up in it that may cause a problem in the future.

If you see anything even partially blocking the drain opening then clean it out with a metal coat hanger wire or something similar.

Cleaning the Drain Pipe

Unfortunately with the drain pipe you do not have the option of being able to visually inspect the pipe, so you will use a two-step approach to cleaning it out.

The first step is to pour a vinegar and baking soda solution into the drain; this works especially well if the drain has gotten slow. Dont run water into the drain for several hours after the mix is added.

The second part is optional but if you own a drain snake then it can never hurt to place it down the drain a little ways to make sure the line is clear.

Once you do this a few times the whole procedure of how to clean shower drain parts becomes second nature. Try to do this every 2 or 3 months to keep your all-important shower drain flowing smoothly.

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