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Helpful Air Conditioning Tips To Save You Time And Money

Lots of folks are interested in HVAC issues, but they don't know where to begin learning about them. This need not be the case. These tips will help give the insights you need.

Ask for referrals when hiring a contractor for air conditioning repair in Orlando. Someone may seem like they know what they are doing, but you cannot simply take their word for it. You should be able to call past customers to get an idea of what to expect from this particular installer.

When your contractor comes to fix your unit or install a new one, he should walk around your home and investigate what's going on with your current set-up. They should be looking for how much insulation you have, where your windows are and what quality they are and more.

Get any agreement with an HVAC contractor in writing. Some contractors try to skip over this step and charge customers a fortune. If you have a certain price and warranty in writing, they cannot go back and change this information. If they do, they could have a lawsuit on their hands.

Clean your condenser's fan blades and coils come spring. Before you clean the surface, be sure to turn off the power. Keep the exterior of the condenser unit free of debris.

In order to cheaply cool your home, turn the temperature up. If you take a few showers a day or just drink a cold ice water, you'll find that you're saving a lot of money on your utility bills by keeping the thermostat a little higher than usual in your home.

In the winter, wearing layers can save you a ton of money on your utility bill. If you can install a digital thermostat that makes the house cooler when you're asleep and warmer just before you get up, you can see significant savings on your next bill when it arrives.

If you want to cool your home in the summer without using your air conditioning on full, consider installing fans in your home. An attic fan can blow hot air out while sucking in cool air into your basement, and ceiling fans help distribute the air in your rooms evenly.

If you have a window air conditioner, be sure to check and see if it has an Energy Saver button. If so, use it! This turns off the fan when the unit isn't actually cooling the air, which can save you as much as 30 kwh over the period of a month!

Outer coils can be cleaned with a regular outdoor hose before you turn the unit on for the season. That said, interior coils should be taken care of by a professional so that you don't do any damage as you attempt to clean them. Bring someone in to complete a checkup.

When your unit is clicking, immediately go out and look to see if anything is inside it. Often it is being caused by debris hitting fans in your cooling system. All you need to do is remove the debris to solve the problem. Do this before calling for assistance.

For your outdoor HVAC unit, make sure that your foliage is cleared around it. Two feet distance between the HVAC unit and shrubs is a good amount to remember. If you let the foliage creep up on the unit, it can cause all sorts of issues with debris and growth into the system.

A great way to reduce the stress on your HVAC unit is to install ceiling fans in your home. During the summer, you can have them blow downward to cool the air and make your home feel more comfortable. In the winter you can reverse the direction and circulate warm air trapped at the ceiling.

Try looking at some reviews online for local HVAC companies. There are many websites and directories online that should include these services that are in your area. This can help you comparison shop. You need to look at many aspects. Pay special attention to licensing, how many years they've been around, any issues, and how they were resolved.

Your HVAC system isn't as complicated as it first appears. Utilize these tips when you are installing your HVAC unit. There is no time like the present to begin.

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Crawl Space Insulation Guide: How To Install Rigid Foam Board On Crawl Space Walls

One of the best things you can do to your home is to install rigid foam insulation in the crawl spaces. The advantages of doing so are many. First, the crawl space stays dry, discouraging rot and mold growth. In addition, floors above the crawl will feel warmer to your bare feet during winter, making your overall indoor space more comfortable. As if thats not enough, crawl space insulation will leave more money in your pocket, by saving energy and lowering your cooling and heating bills. The only downside is that it involves a lot of crawling around below the house, but this is a small price to pay to enjoy all these benefits. Heres a step-by-step guide on how to install rigid foam board on your crawl space walls.

Things Youll Need

Rigid foam insulation Tape measure Expanding foam insulation Heavy-duty scissors Construction adhesive Utility knife Caulk gun Plastic sheeting (6-mil) Straightedge

Crawl Space Insulation: Steps To Insulate The Walls

Measure the height and width of every wall in the crawl, and multiply the results to determine its square footage. Allow for errors by adding 10% to each result. Order the right amount and choice of rigid foam insulation by using these numbers.

Next, measure the length and width of your crawl space itself. Determine its square footage and add 10%. Add these numbers to the wall footage above and use it to find out the right amount of vapor barrier.

Hold one end of the sheeting against the crawl walls far end, and spread it along the length of the wall, ensuring that you pull it past the end of the wall by at least 2-3 feet. Using a pair of scissors to cut the sheeting and measure it. Do the same for the remaining walls.

Run down generous amounts of adhesive on every wall. Position the plastic sheeting immediately on one wall, ensuring that it extends to the walls on the other end, and trails over the floor. Press the sheeting in place by running your hand over it. Do the same for the remaining walls.

Make sure you smoothen out the excess plastic at the ends prior to layering the next material on top of the wall. This is very important because it ensures that the installation is moisture- and air-tight.

Using a utility knife and straightedge, cut each of the rigid foam boards to fit the height of each crawl space wall. Cut the insulation board to fit any remaining gap at the end of each wall.

Cut the rigid foam into small pieces to fit around the walls perimeter, and in between the joists, and then glue and install them. Next, spray expanding foam insulation to seal any small gaps and hold the insulation in place.

Spread the remaining vapor barrier across the floor of the crawl space. Overlap the rows as you see fit and extend the plastic by at least one foot over the preceding piece. Lastly, run up the plastic one foot up the exterior walls, then glue and hold to create a strong bond.

Follow this detailed guide to install rigid foam board properly on your crawl space walls, and make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable to live in.

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Don’t Let Mosquitoes Invade Your Home, Even If You Have French Doors

If you have French doors, you probably gave up on keeping mosquitoes, flies and other pests out of your home with fly screens because you weren’t aware that French Door Fly Screens were available. The good news is that you can protect your home against insects whilst maintaining the aesthetic value of your home with beautiful French doors.

French doors provide an unbeatable visual connection between your indoor and outdoor space, whilst fitting in discreetly with your interior.

Screens are the best way to keep insects including mosquitoes and flies out of your home, especially if you want to enjoy the beautiful Australian summer without the fear of pests invading your home.

Remember mosquitoes, flies and other insects aren’t just a menace, they can spread bacteria and diseases. In Australia every home should be fitted with screens to keep these pests out.

Sadly many people are afraid that screens with ruin their home’s aesthetic appeal. But screens are no longer those big, bulky, unsightly things they once were.

The screens of today are both sleek and stylish while being functional. You can even have them fitted to your French doors and they won’t even obstruct your view to the outside.

One of the best ways to take advantage of summer is by leaving your patio doors open and enjoying the cool, natural breeze blowing through your home. This is not only more cost efficient than running an air-conditioner all day, but it’s also healthier. What stops many people from doing this however, is the prospect of insects getting into their home, they are practically impossible to get out. By having screens installed, you can keep your home well ventilated without the risk of insects invading.

Although you may think French doors are difficult or even impossible to screen, with the experts at Intelliscreens, it’s easy. Intelliscreens are the best at giving Australian home owners innovative screen solutions for every day, modern living.

SlimLine Panorama Screen from IntelliScreens on Vimeo.

In the past double French doors may have presented a challenge when it came to screening, but Intelliscreens have solved those problems, offering an aesthetically pleasing and non-obtrusive product that is also effective.

Keeping in mind that French door sizes and heights vary, we offer modified screens to fit your home, needs and preferences. We have also ensured all our installers are experts at what they do, installing right the first time.

Our customers benefit from the experience and professionalism of our team and you could be one of them. Start enjoying your home today.

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How to Clean Your Bedroom to make it a calming haven

After a hectic day, the last thing you want to do is to house cleaning . And when it comes to cleaning your bedroom it can be quite tedious since we use our bedrooms for so many things. We eat, sleep and relax and leave the room messy which is not a pleasant sight at the end of a day when you want to slip back into an unruffled pillow. Whats more, bedrooms that have not been cleaned regularly can have allergens that could possible get you sick. Below are some simple tips on how to deep clean your bedroom in a few hours. So turn on your favorite music and work your way through it. Heres how:

Tidy up your bed

Generally the bed is the most cluttered space in a bedroom. Remove all the myriad things that dont belong to the bed everything except the bed sheet, pillows and blankets. If the bed sheet has not been washed for days, now is the time to give it a wash and put a fresh one. Drag out everything under the bed and put them in their right places. Remove all the garbage from under the bed and dump them into the dustbin.

Assemble the laundry

After a clean bed, the next thing is to deal with the laundry. Look for any dirty clothes from around the room and divide them into two parts one according to the usage and the other according to the color. Next take a look around your bedroom and see if there are dresses you no longer use. You can get rid of them by either donating them or putting them away.

Wipe the dressers and tabletops

Take out all the items from the dressers and tabletops onto the floor. Take a clean piece of wet cloth and give a nice wipe to the dressers and tabletops with some cleaning liquid. After the cleaning is done, clean each item and put the items back in their places.

Organize the shelves and cabinets

Again take out everything out of your shelves. Wipe the inside of your shelves and cabinets. Organize the items and also get rid of the stuffs you no longer use. Put them back in their place.

Clean the computer

Generally you spend most of your waking hours in the computer desk. Put away the headphones, speakers, cameras and any such accessories in their right places. Clean up the area to remove dust and dirt. Once the clutter is cleared, getting rid of the dust in the room is the next big milestone. Take a damp piece of cloth and mild soap or cleaning spray and start with the furniture first. Scrub the furniture if required and after a thorough cleanup, spray some air freshener to give your bedroom a pleasing smell.

If you want your bedroom to be a calm and peaceful haven, you should not only keep it tidy but you must clean it as well. Include the cleaning process into your household cleaning schedule. Weekly vacuuming and dusting is a must to get a good night sleep. Pay particular attention to windows and baseboards as these areas tend to accumulate dust too often. If your bedroom contains television or computer or any electronic items, remember to clean those weekly as electronic equipments attracts dust. Also, remember to wash windows seasonally and clean the window fittings to get rid of dust and dirt. Clear the bedroom floor of any books, clothes, shoes or papers that tend to clutter up your walking space and determine where it goes. You should be able to vacuum or clean the floor easily without spending time on unnecessary items.

Once you are done cleaning up your bedroom, you can now truly enjoy this sweet oasis! As they say, clean bedroom makes for happy homes and give you a good nights sleep.

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Professional Carpet Cleaners Can Prevent Your Carpets From Shrinking

It is interesting to know whether or not your carpet would shrink after it has been cleaned. That is because your expensive carpet will probably be useless when it shrinks. You want your carpet cleaned for several reasons: visual aspect, decorating a room, or sanitation. It is just a practical thing to do, but misfortunes could happen. Carpet cleaners have seen a lot of shrunken carpets. Sadly, there have been instances when the homeowner can no longer contact the cleaning company that performed the cleaning, which is not good. This situation is stressful and can make you angry and worried all at the same time. If you want to avoid that experience, you need to know what causes a carpet to shrink.

Types of Carpets That Can Shrink

In general, these are the types of carpet that could possibly shrink. They are Axminster and Wilton carpets.

1. Axminster

A genuine Axminster style carpet has a wool face fibre, which is the part that is being walked on. It also has a jute backing yarn, which is the woven part at the back of the carpet that interweaves with the wool face fibre. This type of carpet is really a bit hard to shrink, but when the jute yarn gets wet because of poor cleaning, the back can shrink.

2. Wilton

Carpet cleaners call the type of Wilton that can shrink as Belgian Wiltons. Generally, a lot of Wiltons are made from a polypropylene face fibre that has a jute backing like Axminster carpet (this is not like a superior quality Wilton, which is made from wool). However, since the polypropylene could not keep hold of barely any moisture, it goes directly underneath the pile and into the backing, which makes the carpet shrink.

To find out if your carpet is a Belgian Wilton, you can peel its back and check the pattern. A Belgian Wilton is visible on the back and has a duplicated pattern identical to the face pile. This is not absolutely certain as the carpet may not be made of a polypropylene pile fibre. However, if you have this, ask the carpet cleaners to check it before cleaning.

Why Do these Carpets Shrink?

The main reason why these carpets shrink is because of poor cleaning. The carpet cleaner may have used poor techniques or underpowered tools. For instance, if the cleaning machine is small and inexpensive, it could not take out enough water from the carpet, which may cause it to shrink. Carpet cleaners may use bad techniques such as putting on excessive amounts of pre-spray cleaning solutions, not providing good ventilation right after cleaning, and leaving the carpet too wet. When the carpet is too wet, this can be a result of very high water pressure, using too much water while rinsing, low-quality cleaning agents that need multiple sprays to achieve complete dirt removal, and low vacuum power.

How to Avoid Carpets to Shrink

You can still clean a Belgian Wilton or Axminster style carpet, but you have to do it safely. However, you could have a problem if you do not have the proper knowledge on how to clean your carpet without shrinking. There are professionals from cleaning companies who can help you with that. Carpet cleaners have trained extensively regarding these issues, which means they are reliable. They only use the most powerful equipment to make sure your carpet is safe. Remember that if a carpet cleaner from a professional cleaning company is not sure whether a carpet would shrink or not, they would check first to determine that they can clean it. If they think that it will shrink, then they can leave it as is or use a low-moisture way of cleaning.

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Finding Quality Furnace Services In The GTA

Every homeowner knows that Toronto and the surrounding areas can get mighty cold during the winter time, and since now the fall is fast approaching it is a good idea to have your furnace inspected by a professional. You may have an older home where constant upkeep of the furnace is necessary, so of course you will want to keep a close on eye on it before it needs to be fired up for the season.

Make sure you regularly clean your furnaces filters and replace them every two to three months. If you do that you can expect to have a furnace in good working condition for up to 20 years. It is also a good idea that once it gets past ten years you subscribe to an annual maintenance contract. A warranty might only last 7 to 10 years so at that point you will need to take care of all repairs on your own.

If it is during the warranty period just make sure all furnace services in the GTA are licensed and insured, otherwise it could void your warranty. When they do come over for an inspection make sure they tell you what type of condition it is in, and if any major repairs are needed.

If you live in an older house with a old model furnace you may think about upgrading the entire heating and cooling system to a more advanced HVAC system. This is a good idea because these system are high efficiency, produce better heating and cooling and can also lower your energy bill by a lot. In some parts of the GTA it is mandatory that you replace your old furnace with a new model. You may also be entitled to receive a government grant in order to help with a replacement model.

If you decide to stay with your old system it is very important that you have an emergency number to call in case there is a problem with furnace and it suddenly stops working. This can happen if you don't change the filter often enough and it becomes clogged with lots of dust, dirt and debris. The entire system will then shut down until it is properly cleaned. You can do a lot maintenance wise to save money by simply replacing the filter and keeping the area free and clear of debris.

Furnace services in the GTA run all different prices but most companies have specials for first time customers. You can find them online or in your local paper that can save you a lot of money. Inquire within about what savings you can expect, and don't be afraid to call around and get many quotes. Also read reviews online about the different furnace repair companies in and around the Toronto area t get a good idea who is reliable and trustworthy.

Proper upkeep of your furnace is very important since you do live in a cold weather area. Never wait until the last second to do maintenance, otherwise you may run into serious problems once the cold weather starts to roll in.

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Best Guide to TV Aerials

When it comes to discussing about TV aerials, there are a few crucial aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Getting the best TV aerial possible can make a massive difference to whether you receive the best picture possible for your region or you get TV reception that is terrible. Selecting a professional aerial company is the perfect way to go about selecting a TV aerial, as they can help you with the choice. Moreover, a local company is likely to have a better view of the signal strength you will be able to get in your region.

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to ensuring that your TV aerials perform well is the location of it. This is going to be even more important if you happen to reside in a region where the TV signal gets blocked or disturbed. The location of your aerial in places such as this can have a huge impact over picture quality. It can be the difference between getting a superb picture or one that is hardly watchable. Following is the list that will give you the best idea where your TV aerial needs to be:

· Installed in the loft

· Placed on your roof

· A set-top aerial

· An aerial that is located indoors high up

A roof aerial is often the best location for the aerial, as it means that the aerial is located as high up as it is possible, thereby leaving lower number of obstacles between the transmitter and aerial. If it is placed on the roof, it can be away from other electrical sources that could possibly interfere with the signal and picture quality. Hiring a professional and experienced aerial company is necessary for the installation of a roof aerial.

If you live in a region where the signal strength is excellent, then opting for a loft aerial installation may be the right idea. In addition to the fact that loft aerial is easier to install, you can even be able to install it yourself if you think you are handy at DIY. Moreover, the aerial will last longer since it is not exposed to the elements.

Indoor aerials, no matter how high they are, are not sufficient for most regions. The same holds true for the set-top aerials, and the performance is usually between being poor to being useless. On the positive note, they are affordable and need no installation.

There is no doubt in the fact that when you hire a professional aerial installation company, it is going to cost you. But, it is worth the cost as the company will have the necessary experience to ensure that you receive the best picture possible. When you hire a professional aerial installation company, it does not matter where you live, as the company has the tools and expertise to get the best from your aerial. Thus, when installing TV aerials, it is important for you to take these aspects into consideration to see the best results.

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